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How you can support and help the mengen church

New Tribes mission is a faith mission; that means that families like ourselves trust God for our regular monthly income. So we don't get paid a salary but partner financially with individuals and churches in order to support our family and the Mengen church planting work. 

The resources you invest in Annika and myself go directly into planting churches among the Mengen people group. That is done through bible teaching, translation of the new Testament, literacy classes, discipleship and leadership training and development. 

The Mengen church was born through the preaching of the gospel in the Mengen Language in 2010. We now have 3 churches established, consisting of 300 believers. These churches are in the north of the people group with roughly around 13,000 or more still without any knowledge of the gospel. It is our goal to return to team up with these churches to plant churches in the south as well as supporting and developing the existing churches. 

ways you can donate:



Click the links opposite to fill out a standing order form and a gift aid form to support our church planting work on a regular monthly basis.

On the page enter our full names and your regular giving preferences.


one off gift

To make a one time gift to support our church planting work, click the link opposite. Mark the destination as 'missionary' and put in our names.

Give to


There are many ways to give. If you would like to support a specific project such as bible translation and printing, literacy classes. Click the link opposite.

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