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About us




We are the Flanagan family: Simon, Annika, Nya, Noah, Karis, Judah, and Ethan.


Our Goal: We want to follow the call of the great commission and the purposes of God for the Church by planting mature churches amongst the unreached people groups of the world.


To get the job done: it requires a big team! Unreached people groups are hard to reach, that's why they are unreached with the gospel. They are either in remote, hard to access countries that have poor infrastructure or are in countries that restrict the gospel efforts of missionaries. Here are the main roles of our team as we church plant in these unreached areas.

Direct engagement roles: of course include teaching God's word, literacy classes, translating the scriptures, discipleship, curriculum development and leadership training.

Supporting missionary roles: are vital in keeping the missionaries who are directly engaging unreached people groups where they are needed. There is a wide variety of supporting roles such as teachers, pilots, mechanics, I.T. professionals, doctors, nurses to name just a few. These missionaries teach our children and provide services we cannot get in the country.

The churches role: In order to do what we do we need to be sent, prayed for, supported financially, encouraged and given direction. We are simply the hands of the church reaching out with the gospel to those who don't have the gospel. 


Our part in this team: is in the direct engagement category. As a family, we have been church planting in Papua New Guinea with New Tribes Mission since 2007. We have been working as part of a missionary team to plant churches amongst the Mengen people group, our main role was in teaching and discipleship. For the past number of years, we have had to remain in the UK as our daughter has had serious medical conditions which meant we had to take up a supporting role in the UK. For three years now Simon has been serving as a lecturer in the Biblical studies course at North Cotes College which is NTM's European missionary training college. Annika has been working alongside me in a discipleship role with students, whilst looking after the college's web page and other admin roles. Wonderfully God has opened a door we previously thought was closed! We will be returning to Papua New Guinea in September 2018 to help the three existing churches amongst the Mengen people expand the reach of the gospel by going with the Mengen church to plant churches in Mengen villages that have not heard the gospel yet.

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